Astoria Bookshop: One Year In

Photo: Bradley Hawks

Photo: Bradley Hawks

It’s late morning on a Wednesday, a time of the week when not many customers are expected at Astoria Bookshop, and the most ideal time for an interview. Still, Lexi Beach, the owner, manager, and sole employee of the store, is tensely tapping computer keys, taking care of business. There’s always something to do.

I ask Lexi how the experience has been thus far, nearly one year after opening the shop. She sighs, and says, “‘Overwhelming’ is the word.” She lets out a little laugh and elaborates…

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Weird Science Week

Illustration by Ellen Lindner

Illustration by Ellen Lindner

Immaterial sushi, anyone? Read about “The Dapper Doctor’s Vaporized Sushi and Clouds of Cognac,” “The Magic Poop Potion,” “The Sea Ape” & more in Narratively’s “Weird Science” week, my second set of stories for the site in which I presided over as contributing editor.

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Band of Gypsies

Photo: Jonathan McPhail

Photo: Jonathan McPhail

The Beer Garden is packed. Boisterous twenty-somethings behind the Bohemian Hall pound pilsners, while thirty and forty-somethings chase after their gravel-kicking kids who end up cackling in their fathers’ arms as they make involuntary trips back to communal tables. The wait staff runs around, delivering fresh pitchers topped with clouds of suds, and swiftly jotting down food orders. Everyone is happy. And the band—Bad Buka—hasn’t even taken the stage yet…

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Rockabye Revisited

Photo: Bradley Hawks

Photo: Bradley Hawks

At night, you can almost miss it. Walk along 21st street, then peek down 30th Road—an easily disregarded path compared to the mighty parallel avenues—and you will see a light coming from the side entrance of The Variety Boys and Girls Club. Up a kiddie-sized flight of stairs and to the left is its expansive Broccoli Theater, cluttered with movement and color most evenings this spring, for the cast of Rockabye Hamlet is preparing for the infamous musical’s first ever New York City revival…

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Scream Unconsciousness



Last night the lights were so bright
and flickering so fast I had a seizure.
In the moments of clarity,
a retro flipbook of Polaroids that wiggled themselves—
It was comic anxiety waiting for them all to turn,
But it was worth the wait.

From out of the past, in the past,
I saw you and her and him and her
with the same clothes on,
symbolizing for me that little had changed.
Though I thought that impossible,
it was true.

Read the rest on Potluck Mag.

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How to Make It in New York


Photo: Jessica Bal

From deep down in New York’s underbelly where the city’s infrastructure hides historical treasures, to the pavement where immigrants hock bootleg porno DVDs, to the top of the world where an LED artist paints the night sky with the pointed tip of our most iconic skyscraper, Narratively shows you “How to Make It in New York.” These five features mark my debut as a contributing editor to the site. Read them here.

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Twilight of the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Photo: Kyria Abrahams

It’s Friday night in the West Village, the second night of Fashion Week. I’m wearing a red beret and a white T-shirt with red lettering that spells out “Guardian Angels.” At least I match. Walking the Christopher Street patrol at ten o’clock, this is the first occasion in my life when model types have gawked at me

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